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To be a hand and a base to help children comprehend more about Jesus Christ, to build a strong foundation on Christianity since childhood, to support children to grow in their faith in Christ, to help children recognize their talents ministry-wise, to teach them the purpose of evangelizing.


  1. Through a holistic approach of Children Ministry, IEC Sunday School aims to bring children to experience God and His unconditional love for them through the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. With God’s love as the base, IEC Sunday School hopes to cultivate a heart that fears the Lord and a close relationship with God within each child so that not only they truly experience God within the Sunday School but they can also see and feel God in their daily lives which will empower them to face any challenge that may put their faith to a test.
  2. IEC Sunday School aims to build a personal relationship with each child to model Christ-like behaviours. In addition, IEC SS also aims to build a good relationship with the parents and encourage them to give support and to be involved in improving the overall quality of IEC Sunday School. Through this personal relationship with parents, it is hoped that IEC Sunday School can equip parents to extend the lessons taught in class to their children into their day to day practice.
  3. Through seminars and related teacher trainings, IEC Sunday School aims to equip teachers and helpers with necessary teaching skills so that children can find learning Bible to be a pleasant, encouraging, and interesting experience.

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